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PlaySight Takes Playing to New Heights

July 25, 2023

This past spring season, Travis Fields has been utilizing a groundbreaking sports technology that is set to revolutionize the way young athletes train and analyze their performance. PlaySight combines cutting-edge AI-powered video analysis with real-time data to provide players, coaches, and fans with an immersive sports experience like never before. 


What is PlaySight? 


PlaySight is an advanced sports video analysis platform that utilizes high-definition cameras, AI algorithms, and cloud technology to capture, stream, and analyze games, practices, and events at Travis Fields. It caters to various sports, including tennis, basketball, soccer, and, most importantly, baseball and softball.  


What are some key features of PlaySight? 


Intelligent video capture is the first of the many key features PlaySight has to offer. RCI Sports Management has strategically placed multiple HD cameras around the three turf diamonds at Travis Fields. This way, the camera can capture every angle of the action, providing comprehensive coverage of every game.  


Want to rewatch a monumental point of the game? Playsight offers replays of every recorded matchup so parents, coaches and kids can instantly review the biggest plays or mistakes from their previous games. 


Lastly, PlaySight offers interactive broadcast that allows parents to watch games and access live stats remotely in case they are too far away or too busy to catch their kid’s games.  


How do you purchase PlaySight? 


Individual games are available to purchase through PlaySight for Travis Field events at this  


Check out RCI Sports social media pages, @TravisFieldsBryan, to check out exclusive PlaySight highlight reels after every event. 

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