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RCI is dedicated to shaping the sporting landscape, one community at a time.


We are different from large, impersonal sports facilities management companies that operate without the communities they serve in mind.   It’s these relationships that set our company apart from the others. Community residents and visitors demand high-quality sporting experiences, and this is a driving force behind RCI’s recent success. RCI offers a tailored approach with individualized solutions unique to each of our clients, placing them in positions to succeed. 


Facility Management

RCI will deliver a turnkey facility solution with proven results through the 24-7 management of your venue.

Operational & Strategic Planning

RCI will build your strategic direction and provide a customizable plan and strategy to deliver upon your goals. 

Fractional Services

RCI will temporarily insert a highly skilled and expert facility operator, strategic director or event manager to excel your business.

Existing Facility Optimization

RCI will analyze your key business documents and pair with personnel reviews to provide you with an optimization plan.

Facility Programming

RCI leverages key contacts to build out the facility's yearly programming and deliver the desired economic impact.

Facility Consultation

RCI offers valuable insight into a facility's planning and direction, leaning on our diverse experience across multiple venue development projects.

RCI has become a trusted resource for operations, logistics, and management of multifaceted teams, programming and sports facilities. We want you and your business to become a leader within your community. Click to learn how RCI’s experienced and knowledgeable team can optimize your sports facilities.


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